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The next horizon in dialysis is closer than you think

The new HDx therapy (expanded HD) is the next evolution in hemodialysis, as it effectively targets the removal of large middle molecules.1 Indeed, many of them are linked to the development of inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and other co-morbidities in dialysis patients.2

Not only can HDx therapy provide HDF performance and beyond in the removal of conventional middle and large middle molecules, it does so using regular HD workflow and infrastructure.3 The HDx therapy is enabled by the THERANOVA* dialyzer featuring an innovative membrane that combines a higher permeability than regular high-flux dialyzers with effective selectivity for large proteins.4,5

This new therapy opens up a new option for dialysis patients who are believed to benefit from effective removal of large uremic toxins, for clinics that want expanded dialysis performance without the added burden of HDF.

* Do not use THERANOVA dialyzers in HDF or HF mode

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