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HDF performance and beyond as simple as HD

The THERANOVA dialyzer, featuring an innovative membrane, effectively targets large middle molecules not efficiently removed by currently available dialysis treatments. It provides the opportunity for an expanded hemodialysis therapy, HDx, providing HDF performance and beyond in the removal of middle and larger middle molecules, using regular HD infrastructure.

Explore our research and data and discover how novel sieving and permeability performance may help you expand the hemodialysis possibilities for your chronic HD patients requiring higher clearance of large uremic toxins.

Do not use THERANOVA dialyzers for HDF or HF due to higher permeability of larger molecular weight proteins such as albumin.

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Find the latest news and events on HDx therapy enabled by the THERANOVA dialyzer. We believe by sharing our clinical research, data, insights, and customer stories we can help you discover how your clinic could benefit, from our therapy option.

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