Hasting Memorial Hospital New Zealand

THERANOVA is a major gamechanger for us and our patients

Dr. Hutchison is currently part of a clinical team in Australia and New Zealand who is running a multicentre study providing safety and efficacy data looking at HDx Therapy in nearly 90 patients.


An Australian and new zealand research team investigates the impact of albumin and large middle molecules on renal patients

Patients are burdened by cardiovascular diseases, chronic inflammation and the consequences of secondary immune deficiency which translates tinto high infection rates that can lead to hospitalization for patients.

The Approach:
The Team is looking over a six-month period to see firstly that patients don't become harmed through excessive albumin loss on the dialyser and we will secondly be

looking at its efficiency for clearing large middle molecules. Specifically, the Team will be studying lambda free light chain as one of the largest molecules in this class of toxins.

This study started early in 2017 with results expected in 2018.

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